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Apr. 26th, 2008 @ 10:34 am News from the home front.

I am almost finished with that afghan and I am one skein short of yarn.  I have used 14 more ounces of yarn than the pattern called for and I followed the pattern. This is a real issue.  I had to special order the yarn.  I ordered extra. It isn’t going to be enough.  I have only one more row on the boarder to go before I am finished.  If I had the yarn I needed, I would be finished by Wednesday.  Oh well.  I will order one more skein and finish it later.  I am very pleased with how this afghan is turning out.  It is lovely.  I enjoyed doing it. It has been a very satisfying project.


Next I am going to work on some fun things for ME. 


This has been a strange spring.  Actually, we haven’t had a spring at all.  The grass is green,   The flowers have bloomed.  The trees have tiny leaves.  It is cold.  I ran the heater last night.  I will run the heater today and tomorrow. It is the end of April and I HAVE TO RUN THE HEAT!!!!!  That just doesn’t happen in this part of the world.  I am sick to death of cold weather. 


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