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Community Mission Statement

How does Crochet touch my life? What am I doing today that makes Crochet meaningful for me?

What is getting ME excited about crochet? What's happening around me that is making me excited about my craft?

Crochet has made some want to create yarn, create scrummy things with that yarn, search for more scrummy and unusual yarns...

What's it made you do that you never thought you'd do before?

This community is about giving or getting a peek at people who love crochet and who are empowered by their craft.

Do you crochet? Do you want to share that feeling of accomplishment with others? Do you loathe advertising? This community is for you.

We are a community that encourages hooking outside of the box!

Here is what is appropriate to post to the community:

What or how crochet has touched or changed your life
What's exiting to you lately about crochet
What your LYS is doing for Crocheters
Reviews or just talking about Fiber Festivals or Classes (Local to You)

Secondarily but just as important:
FO's (both part of the weekly challenge and not)
Inspirational sites
Reviews of Patterns
Reviews of Books

Crochet out of the norm, find trends and post them here.


Name of Object:
Pattern can be found: (link or book info)
Pattern inspiration was from: (link for freeform or even for pattern piece)
Yarn used:
Time spent:
Review: (a short sentence or two about what you liked or disliked about the pattern)
Rating: * Never again, ** Needs time and patience, *** Not for beginners, **** Fun, ***** Highly recommended.

Please read the userinfo for important information, FAQs, etc.

No advertising.

No nudity.

Remain active.

Ask for help and tips.

No fighting/drama, etc. or posts meant to provoke argument.

Post links to other creative Crochet sights.

Do not post patterns with copyright (links to them are ok)

Respect each other’s work.

Be helpful and encouraging.

Remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

and as my Granny Louisa always said, "You don't have nothing nice to say, then don't say nothin'"


Showing off your project with a picture is encouraged and applauded. Please follow a few basic rules.

1. Keep the image below 30kb if possible
2. Keep the image below 300 width if not behind an LJ cut
3. Larger images should not be larger than 500 x 500 (that's just too big for some laptops)
4. You are encouraged to get a close up of detail to help newbies

Note: This is an advertising-free community! We're here because we make things, not because we want to buy them. You might check out craftsupplyswap, craft_swap_uk, and swappies. If you want to advertise things for sale, check out ebay_crafty, [Bad username: etsy_lj>,and <lj comm=].

Helpful Links:


Publications (hard or soft):

Interweave - a publishing company that has great designs for crochet.
Rebecca - a lovely german knitting site and recently is translating their magazines which is wonderful for all of us textile geeks.
Vogue Knitting - a very well put together magazine that's now covering crochet
Knit1 - the offshoot from VogueKnitting, sponsored by LionBrand and featuring all of their yarns. Great designs
CrochetMe - crochet version of knitty.com

Designers and other folks of interest:

loop-d-loop.com, teva durham's amazing designs.

Yummy Yarns!


More to come!

Helpful communities:

crochetcrochet moderated by the creative anavoog
basic_crochet also for newbies
knit_patterns crochet friendly as well
thread_crochet doilies and such
knittingpretty and crochet too!
a_twistedstitch for avante guarde and PG-R rated creations in crochet
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jaynefury is the maintainer of this community. Please contact her with questions, comments, or gifts of fiber.